Theraputic THOR

Last night, THOR and I did our first Domesti-PUPSPetting-PUPS” therapy session. We took a trip to the Windcrest Assisted Living Community, and had a GREAT time.

THOR really latched on to his new job. He was so excited when i got out his red “Training” bandana, and hopped right into the car:
Sprint PictureMail
i feel like it’s the First Day Of School!

We toured with Colby, a gorgeous Bernese Mountain Dog, and Daisy, the fluffiest little “pure-bred mutt” you’ve ever seen. Daisy was quite the flirt with the two boys and kept the evening fun!

the residents really loved having us stop by, and some even provided Beggin’ Strips!

It was really fun, and rewarding (though, you have to take a moment of pause when you realize that the brightest spot in some of these resident’s day is a two-minute visit from the dogs…)… we are excited for our next visits… six until we graduate! (five more, now!)

and, now AJ is excited to form a team with Lucy this winter!!!!



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