Fun Times at the Fair

This week brings the final Nebraska State Fair to Lincoln… i won’t get into the back story or the politics of it… you can google that yourself, if you so please.

but, being a part of the NE Lottery, i get to work a few shifts at the Spin & Win wheel, and also attend some of the fun events the Fair has to offer.

I wasn’t too terribly excited about the concert line-up this year (i mean, what can really top front row to Miranda Lambert, last year? – as in here and here)

but some colleagues “forced” me to take the tickets for the Bret Michael’s Band concert last night. Free BBQ VIP dinner beforehand and dragging some friends along with me made it well worth the fun. gotta love that baby birthing pavilion (so sweet!) and all the money lost on the mid-way (uggh).

here is one of the awesome Budweiser Clydesdales:
Sprint PictureMail

and this, if you will believe it, is Bret Michaels:
Sprint PictureMail


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