web 1.0

we have been invaded by spiders… though i am happy to report, only on the exterior of the house (so far).

these buggers are huge – see:
(and you can see my Sweet Lucy snuck into the shot!)

we are constantly ducking from huge webs produced by HUGE arachnids.

we have pretty much co-habitated with them all summer assuming that they were taking care of the bugs in the area– but ew. last week i grabbed a stick and took a bunch down – they are sticky suckers – and the next morning – guess what popped back up… son of a beezee!

i even walked into a web yesterday while fetching the lawn mower (though, not this one, b/c i am a wimp – apparently)… picture This Girl mowing and whilst trying to pull pieces of web out of her hair all evening. (plus, guess which song was securely placed in my constant soundtrack last night… yep, this one)

i am mostly worried that the dogs (or humans!) might eventually have a run-in with one of the eight-legged beasts, and i don’t want to know what that brings.

PS: Good Omen, or Bad Omen — seeing two small snakes cross your path while mowing… i am open to reader interpretation


4 thoughts on “web 1.0

  1. ACK! That thing is MASSIVE!! Seriously…is that normal?? I have a huge fear of spiders…pretty sure if those were around my house I would never be able to leave and/or go inside. And snakes too?? where do you live the jungle?? haha!

  2. HOLY CRAP. I’m not afraid of much, but spiders make my skin crawl… eeeek! I hope Lincoln has a John Goodman-esque exterminator that can help you take care of this situation!

  3. i’m never visiting nebraska, those spiders would eat me and my dog, hehe

    I guess I’ll have to get over it if we’re going to open the candy shop Mozel toffee.

    1 snake bad omen, 2 snakes good omen

  4. Girl, if I were you I would never go outside again. Fear #1: Snakes, Fear #2: Bugs of any kind. Those spiders are nas-TY. I live in the desert and have HUGE centipedes and Child-of-the-Earths, man those are like alien bugs! I am still shivering at the thought of your icky-ness.

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