a dose of reality

one of the reasons i love being a part of the Advertising Federation of Lincoln is that each year we adopt a local non-profit and help them with an advertising/communications campaign (gratis).

Last year, we worked with Junior Achievement of Lincoln – which is near and dear to my heart.

now, in my presidential year (eek!) we will be working with Clinic With a Heart – a very deserving and growing organization within the Lincoln community. We will be putting together an awareness campaign focused on increasing the donor base. In our effort to do this, members of the AFL Board participated in a tour of one of the Clinic’s facilities.

This happened to coincide with the food distribution program at the Center for People in Need, a very great and necessary program for many Lincolnites.

Picture if you will, a handful of Lincoln’s advertising professionals, traipsing into this organized chaos in their classy work duds, many carrying designer purses and pushing their designer sunglasses onto their heads. we all felt immediately humbled. no longer do those trivial things such as, “oh shucks, i missed Sonic’s Happy Hour, now i must pay full price for my drink” matter – when these people are standing in line for a jar of peanut-butter.

but, it does make you want to help in any way you can. Yea for doing good things.

ps: i find it highly ironic that the Center for People in Need shares a parking lot with what i like to call, “The Trough” = Golden Corral. i kid you not. AJ and i once made the uninformed choice to have sunday brunch there. not only can you get pizza and bbq on the same plate as your scrambled eggs… you can have an omelet made ‘specially for you by a stoner kid who, halfway through cooking two individual omelets for you and lovely elderly woman next to you, says, “ooh, ha! for a second there, i forgot which was which. dude, that’d be crazy!” oh, and then after i sat down, with said omelet, i over hear the two ladies adjacent to us tell the bus-girl, “you know, our husbands said they have had enough, and they left us… but we’re not done yet, are we Mable?”



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