misplaced – this “sucks”

on this episode of Fun Times With The Beckers:

SCENE: last friday morning at the Becker household. KT is organizing herself for the day ahead and placing the last bits and pieces into her morning routine. Dogs running amok, miscellanous sniffs, slobber and aloofness

AUDIBLE: Sound of basement door closing, feet on staircase, sound of small door opening.

[AJ:] Um, do you happen to know where the metal detectors are?

KT briefly recalls unique xmas gift from in-laws, and her brilliant idea of sending them back to the farm where they would best be put to “use”. but the first real thought in her mind, as she watches her husband squeeze himself back out of the tiny attic, is:

[KT:] Where is your ring?

[AJ:] (bashfully) What exactly do you mean?

[KT:] Where is your ring?

[AJ:] Well….. I was going to clean up my car last night, and so I put the ring in the cup holder. Then one of the clean-up guys at the dealership said he would do it for a few bucks, and i said, ‘Sold,’ and walked away. when i came back, my ring was gone.

[KT:] how does this happen?

[AJ:] He vacuumed it up.

[KT:] (slightly more exasperated) Excuse me?

[AJ:] but it’s a central vac system- I promise I’ll find it…

KT Exit Stage Left


OMG! seriously? as you can tell, i had to get out of there before i said or did something i would regret. AJ is lucky i had a whole day at work to be away from him and deal with it. i was hoping for a call anytime that morning saying, “It’s OK, i found it!”… but I since i hadn’t heard from him by 10am, i knew it was really lost.

I finally broke down and told a very calm, male co-worker about it. and explained that since the wedding, the very first moment AJ started wearing the ring, it really bothers me when he just leaves it laying around… and only seems to wear it when he “has” to… (for me, “has” = “forever!”)…

When Lucy was a puppy i always worried that she would eat it off the coffee table, where he left it while he watched TV (b/c who needs rings whilst enjoying HGTV?)… and she almost did a few times.

Through the discussion of the morning’s events, and all the past Ring Escapades- my co-worker tactfully stated, “well, if that’s the case, i am surprised this hasn’t happened before now. you’d just better prepare yourself to purchase seven or more rings within the span of your marriage.”

oddly, that calmed me down. he’s pretty much right.

though i still don’t think wedding bands should be placed in harms way of impending vacuums….

almost one week out, and AJ still hasn’t found it.

Poor guy has sifted through more dust, dirt and all things disgusting just to find it.

maybe he really does love me.

3 thoughts on “misplaced – this “sucks”

  1. Buy him one with the comfort fit…people have told me this sometimes solves the problem for men taking them off all the time.

  2. I say buy him and plastic ring and when he finds the real one you keep hostage… and he should also buy you something pretty for pennance.

  3. Dont feel bad katy. Frank lost his ring in Jamaica on our honeymoon. It was our last night there and he looked down and it was gone. We had to purchase a new ring when we got back, one size smaller and he has never taken it off. I actually dont think it comes off. LOL. Hope Alan finds it or learns his lesson. take care.

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