not so kind to the pedicure, but still fun

lazy sunday, fun day! finally got to spend some quality time with the hubby– with both our schedules lately we were starting to forget what each other look like…

so we did a little golfing (poorly on my part, i might admit) and a little lounging (okay, napping)… and then we grilled a ton of locally purchased veggies and ate on the deck– ahhh, fun, lazy day.

conversation at 7pm:
[AJ] I am going to shower and go upstairs and watch a movie.
[KT] sounds good, i think i’ll stay downstairs and do some knitting and catch up on my dvr

conversation at 8pm:
[AJ] i know you just showered and are in your pajamas, but friends need two subs for their sand volleyball game tonight
[KJ] FUN! Let’s go.

well, my “fun” attitude changed exponentially as we drove closer to Spikes… i started remembering that the last time i really played volleyball was in 5th grade (when, might i add, i was the best server on the team… though, if i recall, that wasn’t saying much)… and let’s not kid ourselves, we all know i am the opposite of sporty.

then we get there, and i see all the buff, talented and coordinated players already on the courts. This was destined to fail… but it’s just a few hours of my life, right?

well, the serving went well (i must have a knack). and i got a few volley’s… but really, not many. i was way too cautious for my own good– well, for the team’s good. and my nerves were so evident that i knew the other team was trying to aim toward me = weakest link…

but, once it was all over – i was ready to get back out there – okay, not immediately – but i could seriously consider starting up a fall team… who’s with me? stipulations – it would only be for fun… and overly-competitive types should not be on my team! haha!!

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