worthless left shoulder

pictorial evidence that my left shoulder, once again, lets me down:
(taken with at the AAF National Conference, accepting a Silver ADDY Award on behalf of our friends, Archrival for their work with the Nebraska Book Company.) pictured with Ad Age Editor At Large, Bob Garfield.

i can’t carry a bag on it – flops right off to my elbow (at least my elbow will back me up!)

don’t even say the word luggage, because that just makes my shoulder shudder…

clothing is always sliding off at the worst times…
– such as, here, and Betsy Kaye’s wedding – where i dreaded the final decision to wear the scarfy thing as a shawl… sure enough, whilst walking down the aisle, the dang things starts a sliding… and halfway down, i see AJ glare at me from the Altar line-up as i stop, mid-promenade and pull it back up! you’ll even notice that by the end of the event, it was wearing it as a scarf, if at all.

chalk this up to: I Never Claimed to be Normal


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