THOR McNaughty!

Thor is supposed to be my sweet puppy. the one that likes to snuggle, suffers through a chronic yeast infection in his ear, and get’s that “no mamma, don’t make me play in the back yard with that bully, Lucy” look everytime i try to take him outside. (she beats up on him, she really does!)

for the last three weeks, or so, he has been acting out – so naughty!

it started right before my birthday- i had received a few cards in the mail, and for some reason, wanted to open them closer to the date– or at least at a time when AJ was home to share the fun! (you don’t need me to tell you i am a dork!)… and one of the days- i had a crazy schedule and wouldn’t get home until late, so AJ would be the first home to let out the pups and feed them. he thought he would be home around 5:00 but it was actually closer to 6pm. he walked in to find THOR sitting amongst piles and pieces of paper and glitter…

i received a phone call to say- “you got a gift card from betsy, that’s all that is left.” GRRRR!!
I am sure the card was lovely – and the cheapskate in me is glad that the monetary part made it through unscathed! THOR was also kind enough to only nibble on the two wedding photos Betsy included from her March Nuptials

Son of a Beezee– THOR, what is up?

we decided it was his way of punishing us for coming home later than he anticipated. (who is the master, i ask you? exactly.)… funny thing, he didn’t even touch the card from my aunt and cousins that was directly beneath Betsy’s… weirdo.

well, then a few days later, i come home to some very brown banana peels on the ground… that turkey got onto the counter and grabbed not one, but two bananas and ate them – including one of the peels… OMG!

THEN – last week, i said my morning goodbyes to the pooches, walked out to my car, said goodbye to the siding guys, started the car, and realized my phone was still upstairs by the bed… shut off car, walk back into house — 27 seconds total – probably …
there’s THOR spread eagle, with a plastic baggie – quart sized – of chapsticks and leftover “liquids” packed from my flight to/from DC for the AAF National Conference… oh, i was one unhappy chica… 27 seconds! there goes the theory of being cooped up too long… 27 seconds!!

a few days later… more banana’s were devoured – with only the stems remaining as evidence.

what is going on with this dog?

i know it cannot be Lucy, because she is in a kennel all day… maybe its time to invest in a second kennel – hmmm?

if there actually are people out there that read this blog, then they know that THOR and i have been going trough the whole Domesti-PUPS thing (for good or ill)… maybe he’s acting out at being 6-years-old and suddenly being forced to act appropriately?

maybe it’s the three-week process of new siding with strange guys hammering and making all sorts of ruckus around the house, while he’s stuck inside all day… its messing up his chi…

goodness knows.

if any one out there knows anything about dog psychology… or has a leftover extra-large plastic kennel, i am all ears.

oh- and here’s the craziest – since he’s been acting up so much lately, we put him in the OUTSIDE kennel, alone, saturday night, while we went out to meet up with friends. we came home at a reasonable hour, and THOR was not at the kennel door ready to greet us, as per usual. no, he was AT THE CAR DOOR to greet us. he made three tiny THOR-sized holes to squeeze through- we still aren’t sure exactly which of the holes he successfully escaped through… ow! nor do we know how long he hung out in the side yard before we came home… though, i am attributing that escape to the recent rash of (ILLEGAL) firecracker use in our neighborhood… Poor THOR (GOD OF THUNDER) hates loud noises!

weird dog!

well, i’d better add bananas to my shopping list– don’t want the dog to go hungry.


2 thoughts on “THOR McNaughty!

  1. i sympathize. so much. oh so much.

    he must be ruby’s distant, nebraskan relative.

    what IS it about dogs and banana’s???

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