Pink…Then Blue

HA! nope, still not anywhere near talking about baby things.

it’s our house!

you may remember this photo, where i mentioned our new TREE:
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well, look closely and you see the pink (or salmon?) house… I call it “Blush & Bashful” (Steel Magnolia’s Reference)
Consider this, “BEFORE”

for the last two weeks, we have been in the process of getting new siding – here is the “IN BETWEEN” stage:

Today, it should all be about done, and, shocker of all shockers, we went with Blue & Brown!

here is a photo from about a week ago:

oh, but don’t worry. you can never just purchase new siding. once you do that, you throw in the gutters, and then request gutter guard. then all your light fixtures start to look a little drab, so you buy new ones, and then you need to paint the trim pieces, and then you decide to buy some more plants, and then you start looking at your backyard and think, if i just add a little bit here and there, and then you realize that you hate that your two pooches have completely torn up the yard, so your husband buys an electric fence kit PLUS an additional collar (because you have two dogs, you know) and then you need better storm doors, and plan on only buying two and end up with three, and while you’re at Lowe’s you find two interior lights on sale that you just have to have (you bargain shopper, you!) and that goes into the cart, and then you have to buy paint for the exterior doors, which you have to remove in order to put the proper coats on, so you are living with your house wide open for three days (thank goodness for the new, lock-able, storm doors!) and your house is a pit because you have been living in a state of flux for three weeks, and you are counting down the day (15, thanks for asking) for all of your Mom’s family to come into town to celebrate your grandfather’s 90th birthday (EEE!) so you want the place to look so nice, and you are positive that no one will even come over while they are in town, but just in case… oh, and don’t forget you have to paint the garage door – and you and your lovely hubby can’t come to an agreement on whether it should be all blue, all white, all red (i say NO to the barn door look!) or blue with white trim, or white with blue trim, or blue with brown trim, and all you know is that it CANNOT stay pink and brown for much longer….


so, this is my life! Fun Times with the Beckers, indeed!

***by the way- if you are in the Lincoln-area and are in need of new Siding, Windows or Gutters — PLEASE call Nick and the guys at Capital City Exteriors… they do an impressive job! and i’m the worst kind of client, I am high-maintenance, but i think i am low-maintenance client!(When Harry Met Sally Reference)***

3 thoughts on “Pink…Then Blue

  1. Oh Katie as if you didn’t have enough going on in your life! We need some new flooring in our kitchen!

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