road ragin’ in the morning…

okay, not me. i never really awake enough to show any emotion, especially rage… but i experienced it this morning from some maladjusted woman in a red Saturn Vue. uggh.

i was at a stop light, and decided to utilize my wait time by organizing the junk bin that has become the console of my car (mostly because i am kind enough to allow my messy hubby to drive my car on weekends… i, myself, will never claim to be the tidiest person in the world, however, my car has always been the one spot that i try to keep orderly and neat.) the up-side to the tidying – i earned about 63-cents in the deal! yea me!

as i am placing the spare change in my wallet- i apparently didn’t judge my wait-time, and the light had turned green. i got myself together, and turned the corner. in my rearview i see a flash of red, but think nothing of it.

i then put the last few pennies into my change purse, and snap it shut, as the red Vue flies to my left – narrowly- and passes me… on a two-lane street– with on-coming traffic… what the…?

seriously – its a two-lane road, you’re not going to get much further ahead of me than directly ahead of me. even if you would have stayed directly behind me, we would still be sitting at the same stop light in the coming five seconds… this isn’t warp speed, people.

finally, a mile ahead, Sassy McSaturn stays in the forward lane, and i merge into the right-turn lane. i use this as my opportunity to check out this road rager. its a woman in her mid-50’s with a perma-scowl – sitting uptightly in her Vue – and she’s FLIPPING ME THE BIRD – in a nonchalant way – as if i may not notice, but it still makes her personally feel good… well, Score one for you, sweetheart!

I wanted to roll down my window and say – Classy, Friend, very classy… but then i figured that would negate my own comment. so i didn’t.

i thought i was over it, immediately after it happened, but apparently, i am not – as i am sitting her rehashing the non-incident. I guess that means you win, Miss Vue. Well played. Well played, indeed.


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