on a happier note…

i rarely stop for coffee in the morning.

i mean, i ALWAYS drink coffee in the morning, but i am of the mind that if they are going to provide it at work, i’ll drink it for free… however, there are those days when i just can’t seem to stomach the office blend… so i’ll stop.

the other day, i was by The Mill, and i LOVE the Mill, but never stop. so i stopped. as i pulled up to a meter, i saw this little guy, hanging out — thank goodness for camera phones!!!

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i swear to you, i walked up to him and said, “hi sweetie”, and he slowly moved his head from right to left, and then i took this shot! love it, love it, love it.

plus, i am in awe of his patience – my dogs would be out of that car and off with the first semi-friendly-seeming person to walk by! 😉

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