this week, i have had two rude awakenings:

1) i added the height extenders on the wii fit… now, it says my balance is better (yea), but it also, now, accurately measures my BMI and weight… uggh. it was so much nicer living under the false realization that it was off by 20 lbs… uggh…

2) yesterday, i tried for the third time in one month to give blood. i walked in saying, third time’s a charm!… on my way to that 3 gallon mark… it all seemed like things were going to fall into place. The Community Blood Bank has a new hemoglobin testing machine thingie– much more accurate. accurate enough that they denied me again! uggh… but, its better that, then wasting the whole night on the couch looking gray and moody.

I will continue to seek out iron-rich foods, and try again, yes, i shall…

so, two things that are more accurate, and prove that i have been skating by before, but now, its time to face the music and move forward. oy vey!

so, since i still did not hear my favorite edict: no exercising – i forced myself to get out with the dogs each for a private training session.

then, later last night, they were ready to show off– kind of: