I Love My Girls!

last night i hosted a much-needed Girls’ Night with my two Lincoln besties!

on the verge of the 29-year marks, life has gotten slightly hectic for us three, and we don’t get to see each other as much as we used to. what with all my volunteering and saving the world, G’s grad school and single-handedly running the Lincoln High Speech Team and May’s Cutie Boy and general Popularity… life gets a little jam packed.

but the stars aligned and we were able to join up for a fun night of wii fit games, expanding our horizons from cheap white wine to cheap red … May brought some to-die-for chicken curry dip, which i hope to snag the recipe, and just may post here.

unfortunately, i didn’t have the foresight to take a photo of our fun.. but i will show one from FOUR years ago… don’t we look so young?! uggh!
KT, G & May – St Paddy’s 2005

I Love My Girls!


One thought on “I Love My Girls!

  1. so Brothers for st paddy’s day 2005…I was probably there at some point that night! haha…crazy!

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