Thor Training, Closet Cleaning & Blood Donating

whew – file this under Doing Good Things!

THOR and I had another Domesti-PUPS session… it was work at the beginning. a true test of wills, on both our parts. but i started to notice, he’s very good around the two Trainers…. we’ll be walking around in a large circle as a group… while we are at the back of the circle, he is all over the place and not really obeying – (hency why my biceps are killing me today, and i have blisters on my hands from gripping and tugging the leash)… and then we get to the front of the circle, near the trainer, and he’s prancing and paying attention… AJ said that’s just how he was in school – ha!… a co-worker (probably, correctly) commented that he can sense the “Alpha” in the trainers… thus, i am still far below Alpha, as far as he is concerned.

Further to this point – we went into a small room – all 15 dogs, “masters” and two trainers, and i was anxious that he would cause a raucous…but he simply sat (shocker) and then… (wait for it)… laid down with a big sigh. Son of a…

show off!

But he did well, and after it was pointed out that i had his choke chain on backwards (eek, sorry THOR), he was much better… imagine that… end user error!

i am also feeling good lately, because AJ and I took some time to clean out part of our closet and donate to the Montessori School for Young Children annual Yard Sale that will occur this weekend. If you are in the Lincoln Area – please consider stopping out. (you can find the info on the site!)

And, later today, i am going to make my second attempt this week to donate blood at the Nebraska Community Blood Bank… darn propensity to low iron!
The best part about giving blood? well, the Cookies come in at a close second, but i LOVE that they tell you to eat three square meals and not work out for 24 hours! whoo hoo!!!!

if all goes well, today will be the 3 gallon mark for me!


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