A Day for our Earth!


i have to admit, i am kind of excited!

Last night, after some frustrating, but then very successful Pup Trainings with BOTH pups, i decided to pull out the Push Mower and tackle the lawn. we got quite a bit of rain last week, and those green blades of grass were long and strong… but i powered through. it does take me longer to mow with the Push Mower, but i like that i am saving gas and not polluting the air. I also consider it quite the work out – though i really need to work on my triceps, to make it run better! i also consider it another lesson in physics-2nd class levers and fulcrums – and i have learned you need to gather some sort of momentum and create inertia – however, when the ground is uneven, that which is in motion does not necessarily stay in motion. uggh!

while pushing the mower around, i was reminded of one of my favorite YouTube videos, and thought- if i don’t kick this mower’s @$$, it’s gonna come out and kick my @$$…

i did my best
Sprint PictureMail

what more could a girl ask for as preparation to Earth Day?
For more inspiration, head over to Tamara’s Blog – great and easy ways to make a difference everyday. i also love the link she posts to www.thedailygreen.com (i was enthralled with all the unknown, useful, uses for VODKA!). YEA EARTH!

And of course, Happy Birthday to my niece, Sophie!


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