It’s A Beautiful Day In The Neighborhood…

Would you be mine? could you be mine? Won’t you be my neighbor?!

(i used to love Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood!)

And i have been singing that song all weekend – because it was surely a neighborly weekend.

Friday, i worked like a maniac, and got tons of stuff done… to the point that i was burnt out and decided that a brisk jog with Lucy would help clear my mind, before i attempted doing any more THOR Training (probably a smart mental move, on my part)… so The Lu and i headed East on our two-mile jaunt through NE Wesleyan University– without THOR along for the ride, we were able to keep a steady pace and not stop every five seconds… and by the time we reached the half-way point, Lucy was just about done- but we both pushed on and had a good time.

As we ran home, as per usual, we ran by Michel’s Ville Grill in historic University Place (our ‘hood), and i noticed the Friday Fish Fry sign out front… how fun, huh? so, once AJ made it across town from work, we drove the five blocks (should have walked… but there was threat of rain, and we are wimps, apparently). Fun times at the neighborhood soda fountain! Whilst there, we remarked, “why do we never come here?”… so that’s now on the list of things to do.

The rain finally came that night, and the next morning– which allowed me to be all sorts of crafty! YEA ME!

I made these for the AXO Hall of Commitment Ceremony & Event for Sunday
Thanks to Grandma B and all of her awesome Vintage Buttons!

and then it cleared up a bit, so i walked back to the University Place area (yes, i walked this time!) and stopped in to a few fun shops: Tiara’s, Whimsy & Sonata … and then grabbed a breakfast bagel sandwich at Mo Java… where i have also had my eye on this:
of which you can tell is now placed in my home – with THOR on the look-out!

oh, and i also bought this there as well – a little gifty for AJ… HA!

I feel like i was a major Neighborhood supporter this weekend, as well as a local artist/business supporter. i guess that only kind of atones for my online shopping habit!

but further to the craftiness, yesterday we celebrated Niece Sophie’s 3rd birthday- way too much fun! here she is modeling Aunt Kate’s tutu creations!


and now, on to another week o’ fun!


2 thoughts on “It’s A Beautiful Day In The Neighborhood…

  1. thanks! it was a last-minute thing, since HQ said they couldn’t provide gifts this year, and our budget didn’t allow for an $8 AXO key chain for 11 girls… sheesh! 😉

    excited about the Iota Lambda 20th!

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