THOR Training: Day 1

i consider yesterday Ground Zero. We are throwing away all preconceived notions that THOR ever had any sort of training. I always thought he was semi-okay trained… but looking deeper, he would only sit if i had something he really wanted. otherwise, no dice.

further research shows, the dog will NOT look at me. And boy, is he stubborn.

I took him out for a two-block training walk. Though he didn’t potty on anything thing until i allowed it (tiny victory!)… he also wouldn’t sit on command and wouldn’t look at me at all– in fact, it was almost comical how he would try so hard NOT to look at me… i said, almost comical… (sigh).

he is so darn stubborn, that he wouldn’t even take a treat from me whilst on the training walk. oy! but, i think i am learning, that he is more praise motivated than treat motivated, which is actually a good thing… or so i tell myself.

I WILL win this battle… i AM the pack leader!

Good Dog!


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