This Girl’s Got a Lot of Training To Do!

whew– THOR and I had our first official Domesti-PUPS training session last night… and boy do we need a LOT of work… BOTH of us!

I am very excited to be a part of this organization, and once certified, its something we can do together for a long time. My goal is to also train Lucy so we can be one mega force…

after last night– yeah, we’ll see about that!

We missed our first class because we were in Cabo… and i really didn’t do much of the training because… because… okay, because i am the worlds worst procrastinator. I would look at THOR and think, “well, he’s pretty well-trained already… this will be easy!”… uh, not so much!

i was SO “That Girl” that laughs nervously and says, “He’s so much better at home. I just don’t know why he won’t listen to me…” as i am pushing is bottom to the ground, he is resisting, and i am saying through my teeth, “THOR! SIT! I SAID SIT! THOR!”… Everyone else’s dogs were so intent on their master’s and giving them great eye contact and so IN TUNE with the training. THOR wouldn’t even give me eye contact if i got nose-to-nose with him… rascal!

it also didn’t help that he chose to “mark his territory” every time we walked by the instructor… oy vey! (to which she kindly reminded me afterward – we will NOT pass our certification test if THOR eliminates during the test! nice.)

so, its back to potty training, basic training (sit, stay, down, come)… and he WILL learn that I am his Pack Leader. I am the source of all pleasure and pain! I am the one that knows how to fill his food and water bowls, oh yes, i am….. i think… (tee hee).

Moral of the story: (1) Domesti-PUPS is an awesome organization, and it can always use more support… and (2) THOR and I WILL Conquer this – it is good training for BOTH of us! šŸ˜‰


2 thoughts on “This Girl’s Got a Lot of Training To Do!

  1. Dios mio!I love this program. I wish they had one near us. Bauer LOVES people and would be so good at it! Maybe someday they’ll have something like it. Way to go girl!

  2. Thanks, Girl! i hope that at least blogging about our progress will be therapeutic for me… and keep me from strangling THOR. you and Bauer should find something like this in your area… or at least just start walking around random hospitals until you get kicked out!

    Mazel Toffee, friend!

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