I don’t know EVERY word in Spanish…*

we’re back — and slightly sad that our tans have already started to fade… que sera!

boy-oh-boy – what a FUN time in CABO SAN LUCAS!!!! i took over 320 photos and quite a few videos… i will most likely share a good chunk of them over the next few days/weeks…. here is the first taste:

4am shot as we prepared to leave. the dogs were not so happy about being awake,
nor the fact that they didn’t get to join us & luggage in the car.

at the Giggling Marlin, Downtown Cabo

enjoying the sunset cruise on the EcoCat
(very cool, and if you plan to go to Cabo, i highly recommend it!)

a whole day of fishing, and all we caught was a lousy mackerel!
here’s the fish report – though the mention of two tuna…
um, i don’t remember it. maybe i was sleeping!

Aunt Kate and Chaser

Mom & Dad’s 35th Anniversary Party at 12 Tribes

Uncle AJ and Sophie attack the pinata!

the Zip Line… it was hot – but it was fun!

as they say – all good things must come to an end…
though, not without an appearance by AJ’s Mustache!

* in reference to the title: My Dad was so cute in trying to teach almost-3-year-old Sophie a new Spanish word every day. One day was “AGUA”, another was “YUCCA Plant” (which completely made Soph crack up!)… One of the days, he asked her a question and she said, “Grandpa, I don’t know EVERY Spanish Word!”… too cute!

One thought on “I don’t know EVERY word in Spanish…*

  1. Two things…

    1. loose the the mustache immediately
    2. My favorite picture is the fishing picture… I almost spit my diet coke out!

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