i was checking the blog stats– because frankly, i am my own blog’s stalker… i like to see that a handful of people may have stumbled upon the randomness… its fun for me. it allows me to quantifiably measure popularity– maybe it goes back to high school regression… i don’t know, and i really don’t want to get into it right now– but there it is.

Anyway…. i laughed when i read this at the top of the blog stats graph:
WordPress tip: Be the master of your own domain – make this blog entertainmentperiodswiththebeckers.com for just $15 per year.


Fun Times = Entertainment Periods? THAT made me laugh!
plus, who would want to type all of that into a browser just to keep up with the goofy things we do?

and really, why stop there? other domain options may include, but are not limited to:

  • enjoyable epochs with the beckers (dot) com
  • amusing antidotes with the beckers (dot) com
  • witty activities with the beckers (dot) com
  • playful pastimes with the beckers (dot) com
  • merry intervals with the beckers (dot) com
  • boisterous occasions with the beckers (dot) com *probably my favorite
  • lively scenes with the beckers (dot) com

and this was kindly provided by my co-worker, Tyson: segmentofdaysandorweeksofinterestingactivitieswiththebeckers.com
i think that has a nice ring to it! 😉

…too funny….

(by the way- what’s another word for thesaurus?)