Mamma’s Little 40-Ouncer

Well, Lucy got her post last week, and now THOR has been pouting… okay, he really doesn’t know, because, being the good parent that i am, i don’t give him internet access… he’s only six, you know. (well, i guess, in “dog years” that would make him 42… which would make him the Man of the House… ha! try to tell AJ that… actually, try to tell Lucy that… we all know she rules the roost!)

Anywhoozer… our sweet little boy deserves his own post, as well!

frisbee fun


hiding his favorite toy from Lucy (2nd day we had her)
*to which, she destroyed the toy last week – it’s disemboweled and inside out, currently

playing with AJ

worn out after a trip to the farm

Forty’s 15 minutes of fame!

He’s such a sweetie, and such a cuddler… to think that he spent the first four years of his life in an 8′ x 5′ dog run on a cement slab… poor baby! he’s my sweet boy, and would be most happy following me around all day… i should look into bringing him to work with me some time… you think they would let me?

I joke that when i met AJ, he was trying to impress me with all these things… “I have my own house”, “I own a corvette”… “i have a dog”… to which i responded, “YOU HAVE A DOG?!” 😉

We Love Our THOR!


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