I Swear, The Dog is Part Cat!

That Little Lucy! she’s just so funny.

Since we got her, i have said i think she’s part cat. here are my points of proof:

– she likes to “hunt” THOR – she crouches down and waits for him to get close and then pounces on him. i said, Pounce!

– when she is playing, she kind of Meow’s… well, maybe it sounds more like Chewbaca… but its kind of a “RRrrwoooww”

– she likes to bat her right paw at me when she thinks she doesn’t have my full and undivided attention

– when she’s happy, she pushes her head back (as if she’s trying to give herself a double-chin) and then makes this snorty noise from her throat… kinda like a purr

– and then last night- though we are trying not to let the dogs on the bed – she was being ultra needy– and finally got comfortable on my pillow, above my head, curled up, LIKE A CAT!!!


but she’s sweet, and she’s such a cuddler. she loves to walk, and RUN, and chew things! she’s our baby, and we love her!!!

here are some WOOSY PHOTOS from months past!

first hour home- she stunk!



My baby- when i could still hold her in my lap!


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