cerrado – it finally hits home

so i got those emails around the holiday time scaring all sorts of shoppers and would-be gift card givers to check the list, and check it twice, to see if any of their favorite stores were to be victims of this recession and were to close their doors imminently…. admittedly, i didn’t pay too terribly much attention, as none of the stores that registered in my brain as i scanned the list were really MY stores…

i saw the requisite Circuit City and Linens N’ Things in my neighborhood that were suffering the ultimate store clearance blues… but, i don’t really shop at Circuit City nor Linens N’ Things… thus, probably another reason why they couldn’t keep their doors open… lack of traffic from like-minded consumers… apparently.

and then today, it officially hit home… well, Omaha… but that’s where the closest trifecta of stores reside in relation to me… Cost Plus-World Market is closing… this, is news that is proving difficult to take.

i love that store!

no, i don’t go there often, because it’s in Omaha, and i am not. but when i am near one, i make a concerted effort to visit it, and all of its worldly goodies… SHUCKS! I was just recently added to their e-mailing list, too… well, enough of that…. however, (thought!) i guess i could shop online!! OOH, there’s an option… but still… it saddens me that they are closing all three stores in Omaha. Not even a one will be in the state.

How am i supposed to Shop Locally, and support my local economy (even though i am buying “worldly” items… oh the irony!)? uggh! and where am i going to get my Chocolate Hob Nobs? (well, (duh!) i guess i can get them from the link whence i found them… alas, it won’t be at World Market!)

Oy Vey! this is a lot for this girl to take… i am going to need a weekend to recover… yes indeed.


2 thoughts on “cerrado – it finally hits home

  1. I heard about this just before I came out to Ohio! I was so bummed – they have the best prices on spices and dishes. Plus, you can find all kinds of cool things there.

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