sixteen things

my cousin (2nd? 3rd? removed? not so sure, but cousin), Cynthia, did this on her blog (in which you all should bookmark and read often. she has a great grasp for the english language, while she is also trying to live and learn in spain! yea girl!)… so, here is my attempt:

16 random things about KTB:

1: i always have a song in my head. always. my friend, Brooke, calls it my “soundtrack”… it may be weird, but it’s all i know.

2: i was a thumb sucker – for many years (not double-digits, but many) – so i have a personal vendetta against mothers that are constantly pulling their toddler’s thumb out of their mouth and scolding them for it. i feel that’s like rubbing a puppy’s nose in its poop… you’re not fixing the problem, you’re only making it worse. thumb sucking, as with many other kid “quirks” is a coping mechanism, kids will deal with it and grow out of it as they need, and when they are ready.

3: i do NOT agree with extended breast feeding though- which was further proven to me after watching 20/20 recently (only watch this video at your own risk… i warned you)… i’m sorry, but when a kid can ask for it- the health benefits are sorely out weighed by the psychological ramifications you are now providing your young (or adolescent, in some cases, apparently) child.

4: i wish i was friends with the Gosselin family… last night i had a dream that Kate and I were running errands in their big van with the sextuplets.

5: i know i am odd. i have never claimed that to be untrue.

6: i have the same middle name (Jane) as my mom, my granny and granny’s mom. Jane was the first name of Great-Grandma Mary Jane’s mother.

7: i was devastated when i learned that Great-Great Grandma Namesake chose to go by the nickname “Jenny”

8: i hope that one day i will have a daughter that will carry on the family (middle) name.

9: i met my husband in a bar (yes ladies, it can happen!)

10: the night i met him, was the only time in my life where i seriously and honestly said, “i don’t want to meet anyone, i am not even going to make an effort to meet someone” (because i used to say it, and secretly hoped that Prince Charming would be waiting…) and then there he was.

11: I knew AJ was the one for me when he said that he hated mushrooms, scary movies and skiing.

12: i taught myself to knit in the summer of 2002, using one set of size 7 needles, red-white-and-blue variegated yarn and a four-step how-to page torn out of a Better Homes & Gardens from the 1960s.

13: in the winter of 2008, i walked into my first official yarn shop and asked the woman why my YO’s weren’t working. In showing her what i was doing wrong, she told me i was knitting the wrong way.

14: i am so stubborn that i walked out of there and sulked for two weeks. then i seriously tried to fix it, and realized that the right way is much easier!

15: i am so stubborn that it took me three months to learn how to drive a manual transmission

16: i rarely use proper capitalization and overuse exclamation points. two style errors that are frowned upon by my former Journalism professors.

(when i got to #8, i thought it was going to be tough to come up with a whole 16… but now that i am done, i could keep going… but i probably shouldn’t….. so… if i had any readers other than Cynthia, i would ask them to take on the task and do their own 16 things…)


2 thoughts on “sixteen things

  1. I KNOW! EW!

    we went to the local hockey game, Saturday, and if the team scores 5 goals, you get free Meadow Gold milk… my Husband was yelling “We Want Nummies”… gross!

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