Camera Phone Fun!

I am not an “Early Adopter“… i am typically content to let a new technological product run its course and work out the kinks before i go all-in and get one. I still have a 4GB iPod Mini, people!

but this past June, i broke down and got one of the first Samsung Instinct phones from Sprint… finally a phone that has a camera! which, i really haven’t used that much… but yesterday, i learned that i can link it up with photobucket and upload any photos i take… and then post them here! oh, lucky, lucky reader!…

so, as further insight into the craziness… here are the photos from my phone!

Sprint PictureMail
this is one of my favorite pictures – me and my cousin Lala at Yankee Stadium – September 2007

Sprint PictureMail
Megs and me at the 2008 Country Stampede – girlie, stinky awesomeness!

Sprint PictureMail
further to my earlier post, this is what AJ’s Smoked Pork Butt looks like when it’s done. He was kind enough to leave the last steps to me one day, while he was at work. i took this photo with my phone to ask him if he thought it was done. he said yes. yummo.

This is my awesome dad helping to raise money for “the children” at the 2008 Junior Achievement Dinner & Auction… he was definitely the hit of the night- uh-huh!

Sprint PictureMail
this is pictorial proof that first-time wii’ers can still kick my butt at wii bowling. bugger!

Sprint PictureMail
this is Lucy’s halloween costume… ha!

Sprint PictureMail
this was supposed to be THOR’s halloween costume, but he wouldn’t sit still for me to put it on, nor would he let me take a picture… its supposed to be a mullet! ha ha!

Sprint PictureMail
This is what happens when you leave town to go to Kansas City and think your 1-year-old puppy will be fine until daddy comes home… AJ sent me this via his Samsung Instinct, and i cracked up while sitting at Jack’s Stack

Sprint PictureMail
further NKOTB Fun in KC with my Cookie!

Sprint PictureMail
my first ever (and only, so far!) bingo win! first game of the night! yea me!

and my most favorite:
Sprint PictureMail
My friend, Amaris’s, daugther- Ava Grace – experiencing her first snow in Las Vegas… and i knit that hat! isn’t she just the sweetest little muffin?!?!?

well, that’s all for picture fun time today, children. have a wonderful weekend. stay warm. and prepare your menorah’s for the start of Hanukkah, monday!


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