seven times more likely

I wonder when the day will come that “They” tell us that it’s actually unhealthy to drink eight glasses of water a day. I fear they will also tell us that adding Crystal Lite on-the-go flavor packets to boring tap water is equally unhealthy… “They” have already called my favorite drinking vessels verboten. yeah, i checked… all my plastic bottles have a #7 on them… each one. and i put them all through the dishwasher… uggh!

further, i guess, the fact that the Crystal Lite packets contain soy lecithin… which mom told me to stay away from… but how can i stay away from it when its in the gum to which I am addicted??? (oh, how i love those flavor crystals!)… makes it bad from the start.

I would rant more, but I have to run, before all this water i have been drinking runs straight through me!


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