just logged six miles – #BOOM! and here are the things I was thinking about today:

  • 6 miles is far. 
  • apparently the neighborhood frogs have been playing frogger… and not very successfully, i might add
  • i wonder how big that blister on my foot is going to end up being

and this final one is more like a #runningdeepthoughts:
what would this world be like if humans always communicated what they were thinking and feeling? Not just in the vein of being rude/brutally honest, but also to better define emotions?….

i know… deep…. talk amongst yourselves.  

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Orange may be the new Black, but as far as Burke is concerned, 4:40am is the new alarm clock. 

raise your caffeinated cups if you’ve got ‘em. 

i’ll be over here, in the corner, propping my eyelids open….

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conversation heard today:
Daddy: “Boden, are you my baby, my Big Boy or my Medium Boy?”

Boden: “um… I’m a larger-medium boy.”

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Red velvet banana cake

Can you say yummo?

I had four bananas that were not surviving well in this heat and humidity, so to The Pinterests I went. And I found this banana cake recipe.

I used red velvet cake mix and added white chocolate chips. And, wouldn’t you know, it used up all 4 of my nanners!

Put your thumbs up if you got ‘em!

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trying to get back into the habit of running, while looking at the business-end of this… so I made it out again this morning (still in the single digits of this streak, mind you), for a slow and steady slog. 

one of the “joys” of running is the time you have with your own thoughts. (blessing/curse: still TBD).

I like to think of these as #runningtruths. 

Today’s #truth:
“when you live at the top of a hill, your workout will always start easy (downhill) and you will never avoid the fact that you must drag your sorry self uphill just to get home!”

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Back to Blogging – I hope

Well, Hello, Dear Reader! 

How the heck are you? I have missed you, and there is a slight possibility that you just may have missed me as well.

I assure you, Dear Reader, that the Fun Times continue to roll here in Beckerville, I have just been oh-so-remiss at blogging about it. seriously. 

it’s not you– it’s me.

But enough about me, let’s talk about THIS… I seriously do have TONS to tell you, Dear Reader, but I know I have been meaning to announce the big news, so that I can get back to all the silly and random ponderments and such….

so, please allow me to introduce the source of even MORE Fun Times with the Beckers… Baby BOY – Burke Alan! Born March 4th. We love him bunches, and I have so much to tell you from these past 4.5 months of his life — so hopefully this means that I am back on the Blog-o-wagon, and you, Dear Reader, will forgive me for my absence.

And now, you’d best be keeping your hands and arms inside the ride at all times, here we go! 

Baby Boy #2 Arrived on 3-4-14. LOVE HIM!

Baby Boy #2 Arrived on 3-4-14. LOVE HIM!

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Boden-ism 3.13.14

“Mommy, is Mac and Cheese a vegetable, a fruit or a Cheerio?”

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Dear Reader:

In case you didn’t see this,
well, it’s true!

and we are now in the final countdown (i know you just started singing the song!)… less than 9 weeks until due date.

seems like an eternity and no time at all, all at the same time.

to put it into perspective:
– we only have 8 (or fewer) weekends until we become a family of 4
– 9 weeks is one quarter of an elementary school year
– in 9 weeks you can train for a half-marathon
– you can break approximately three bad habits (assuming it takes 21 days to change behavior)

so we are counting down — never really knowing when (until we really KNOW, you know) this new wonder will grace us with his or her presences.

yes, that’s right, we don’t know what we are having… sorry, mom! ;-)

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ponderment: ‘New’ Christmas?

so i have a proposition:

hows about we move Christmas to Mid-January?

now, bear with me here. there are benefits to this:
1) HalloweenThanksgivingChristmasNewYears — it’s all too crammed in there, people!
2) let’s face it, early January is no fun. at. all. it’s cold, people are depressed… let’s move this joyous occasion and soften that blow a little bit.
3) once we celebrate “new” Christmas, we have a few more weeks and then we have Valentine’s Day, and then Easter and then SPRING… who doesn’t love spring?
4) for the religious sort, this may mess up some calendars and years of historic celebration, but i am sure we can all adjust.
5) for the retailers, this adds 2-3 more weeks for shopping and preparing… and let’s be honest – it’s the retailers that seem to be running the show lately (See: Black Friday shopping on Thanksgiving — apparently nothing IS sacred, people!), and a few more weeks mean a few more dollars running through their tills.
6) finally, if this were in effect, TODAY would be Christmas, a Holly Jolly Day, if there ever was one!

think about it.

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Goodbye, THOR.


Tonight we said goodbye to the best dog in the whole wide world.

We will miss him terribly, and I may blog more about him later, but for now, I’ll just surround myself in this suddenly empty house, wishing I could once again, hear his three-legged gallop as he happily scampered through our house.

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