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Well, Hello, Dear Reader! 

How the heck are you? I have missed you, and there is a slight possibility that you just may have missed me as well.

I assure you, Dear Reader, that the Fun Times continue to roll here in Beckerville, I have just been oh-so-remiss at blogging about it. seriously. 

it’s not you– it’s me.

But enough about me, let’s talk about THIS… I seriously do have TONS to tell you, Dear Reader, but I know I have been meaning to announce the big news, so that I can get back to all the silly and random ponderments and such….

so, please allow me to introduce the source of even MORE Fun Times with the Beckers… Baby BOY – Burke Alan! Born March 4th. We love him bunches, and I have so much to tell you from these past 4.5 months of his life — so hopefully this means that I am back on the Blog-o-wagon, and you, Dear Reader, will forgive me for my absence.

And now, you’d best be keeping your hands and arms inside the ride at all times, here we go! 

Baby Boy #2 Arrived on 3-4-14. LOVE HIM!

Baby Boy #2 Arrived on 3-4-14. LOVE HIM!

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Boden-ism 3.13.14

“Mommy, is Mac and Cheese a vegetable, a fruit or a Cheerio?”

March 13, 2014. silly. 1 comment.


Dear Reader:

In case you didn’t see this,
well, it’s true!

and we are now in the final countdown (i know you just started singing the song!)… less than 9 weeks until due date.

seems like an eternity and no time at all, all at the same time.

to put it into perspective:
- we only have 8 (or fewer) weekends until we become a family of 4
- 9 weeks is one quarter of an elementary school year
- in 9 weeks you can train for a half-marathon
- you can break approximately three bad habits (assuming it takes 21 days to change behavior)

so we are counting down — never really knowing when (until we really KNOW, you know) this new wonder will grace us with his or her presences.

yes, that’s right, we don’t know what we are having… sorry, mom! ;-)

January 16, 2014. Fun Times With Baby Becker. 2 comments.

ponderment: ‘New’ Christmas?

so i have a proposition:

hows about we move Christmas to Mid-January?

now, bear with me here. there are benefits to this:
1) HalloweenThanksgivingChristmasNewYears — it’s all too crammed in there, people!
2) let’s face it, early January is no fun. at. all. it’s cold, people are depressed… let’s move this joyous occasion and soften that blow a little bit.
3) once we celebrate “new” Christmas, we have a few more weeks and then we have Valentine’s Day, and then Easter and then SPRING… who doesn’t love spring?
4) for the religious sort, this may mess up some calendars and years of historic celebration, but i am sure we can all adjust.
5) for the retailers, this adds 2-3 more weeks for shopping and preparing… and let’s be honest – it’s the retailers that seem to be running the show lately (See: Black Friday shopping on Thanksgiving — apparently nothing IS sacred, people!), and a few more weeks mean a few more dollars running through their tills.
6) finally, if this were in effect, TODAY would be Christmas, a Holly Jolly Day, if there ever was one!

think about it.

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Goodbye, THOR.


Tonight we said goodbye to the best dog in the whole wide world.

We will miss him terribly, and I may blog more about him later, but for now, I’ll just surround myself in this suddenly empty house, wishing I could once again, hear his three-legged gallop as he happily scampered through our house.

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Estes Vacation Photo Book

though my beloved Estes Park is currently under water and threat of major flooding, i did pull together a photo book of our fun family trip from last month. you are welcome to see the fun, here:

Click here to view this photo book larger

Photo Book Tip: Create an adventurous travel photo album at

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One, Two, THREE Legs for THOR

so, i just posted this picture on instagram

so i guess i had better explain myself:

back in March i posted about how we were trying to figure out what was wrong with THOR’s back, left leg. He had an accident and then wasn’t walking on it. the new vet thought “CANCER” and wanted to amputate immediately.

we biopsied, and after three different clinical reviews came back as “Inconclusive”, and meanwhile THOR was back to walking on four legs, thanks to some pain meds, we decided to just let it ride, and let him be a dog. we didn’t know how much time he would have, but let’s just make him happy and comfortable, instead of going crazy….

this system worked for, i guess, five months.

but then recently, that leg started popping up again, and he wouldn’t weight bear.

then the knee joint started to grow, and extra meds weren’t kicking it like it did before.

he would forget that he was on three legs, and chase after something, and one day fell on the outside steps.

at that point, it’s possible that he fractured something for real.

then, he started really slowing down and missing his “THOR-ness”.

we took him on a family trip to Estes Park, where he was super happy, but very tired and worn out. here, again, he fell climbing up the steps, and i have never heard a dog scream until that point.


so i made the call this week, and the whole fam (well, minus Lucy), took him back to the vet. on first glance she said, i really think he’s a candidate for amputation.

we did a chest x-ray and there didn’t seem to be evidence of tumors or anything that would cause alarm…. so we ultimately agreed on the surgery, and she was kind enough to rearrange her schedule and got him in for the next day (yesterday).

after a two-hour surgery, they called and said, “He sure is a trooper! he’s already alert and laying with his head up”…

we went to visit him last night, and i’ll admit, it takes your breath away to see the work they did. we will get used to it. he already is.

he’s home now. he’s resting. he’s so sweet. what a trooper.

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Dear Pinterest,

Thank you for allowing the world to finally take notice of me and realize that i’m not just a zig-zag in this crazy up and down world.

The Chevron

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ponderment: In the Know

have always wondered:

is it “Nosey” because you are sticking your NOSE into other people’s business?

or is it “Knows-y” because you have to KNOW what is going on with everyone else?

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Conversations with Boden

in the car yesterday:

BODEN: “Mommy, what this song you singing?”
KT: “It’s called ‘Mirrors,’ by Justin Timberlake”
BO: “Where’s the lake?”

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